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Surface finishing / ageing


basic form of finising. The longitudinal edges are finished with light mechanical bevelling - chamfering. The surface in this production line is aged and it remains naturally smooth.

the floor is made the standard technology. The additional treatment is brushing of the board surface. In this line we obtain the effects of emphasis of the natural beauty of the oak structure.

standard board the surface of which is mechanically aged by means of sheathing of thhe upper layer of the floor. This method emphasises the natural lack of perfection of the surface the effect which is a new floor with old look.

Hand-scrapped bevel
an additional element of the standard finishing form is the hand-scrapped side edge of the board - bevelling. This give the floor a rustic look.

standard floor undergoing the mechanical treatment process consisting in irregular planing of the surface which gives an effect of a corrugated board.

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