About us

History written down in oak.

Just like the strong and beautiful oak grows out from a tiny seed, our company has grown out from the seed of passion. Fascinated with the harmony and nobility of the oak, we have created a unique world of oak floors. We have created a world where elegance and peace hidden in nature say stop to the running time, insane pursuit after what we call happiness. Our oak floors help us to stop, even for a brief moment, and feel the force of nature, harmony, soothing of senses within us.

Our company is formed by people with passion who, combining their great knowledge and professionalism, understand the needs of the customers perfectly and try to meet them. Commitment in the development of the company, own horizons and the heart put into the work have allowed our company to develop dynamically from its very beginnings, introducing our standards to the world of wooden floors, making this world simply richer, more colourful, beautiful.

The great commitment and desire to investigate the possibilities offered by the oak have become a life-giving water for us. The more of it we had, the stronger our roots and limbs were becoming, the branches were growing out faster, so that we can finally say that our company has become a strong and powerful tree. Its roots reach to Racibórz. It is the place of our main office, its trunk from which all other branches grow out, becoming the symbol for our distributors.


NELA-ONE, as a manufacturer of oak floors, uses the strength of the oak and its beauty to produce floors for demanding customers. These are floors with their own character. There is no place for sample-type trivial designs. Each design has its own “soul”. Discovering the beauty enchanted in nature and combining it with the palette of the most daring colours, NELA-ONE offers floors one must love. Each of them is a history full of passion and dreams. Each of them is the elegance of the interior it fills. Finally, each of them is the harmony we struggle to find in the surrounding space, also in this special place we call home.




Nela-One is a dynamically developing company. Owing to the ambition and aspiration we have, we broaden the range of products and implement new technologies, constantly.

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