The offer of NELA-ONE is addressed to persons who know how to appreciate the beauty enchanted in nature. We appreciate it and, thus, we do not try to “improve” the nature. Humble in the face of nature, we try to “close” the asymmetric rings in our products or to emphasise the dignified knots as the symbol of harmony with which the nature creates its works.  

The offer of NELA-ONE includes a broad range of floors the traditional beauty of which is combined with modern finishing methods guaranteeing its durability and resistance as well as with advanced chemical processing and pigmentation techniques, allowing to obtain the rich colour palette. The finishing of each product can be in the varnished or oiled version. The varnished version gives the wood a delicate glare, creating an additional layer between the wood and our skin. The oiled version does not add glare, but leaves the sense of nature touch.

Our offer includes double-layer and solid floors:

  • NELAfloor


The double-layer floor consists of the top layer made from the noble oak wood and the bottom layer made from the water-resistant birch plywood. The bottom layer makes the oak more resistant to such factors as humidity or temperature, thus to the various types of deformations.

The solid floor is a floor made from a single oak wood element. It is a floor which, in a natural way, reflects the nature of real wood. It is more susceptible to climatic changes taking place in the room than the layer floor..


Nela-One is a dynamically developing company. Owing to the ambition and aspiration we have, we broaden the range of products and implement new technologies, constantly.

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